About Nomad

Alliston Findlay is an Edmonton-based Fibre Artists. Established around 2010 as a newbie spinner, Alliston’s work has only snowballed into a small company primarily selling at local Farmer’s Markets, Art Markets and Special Events around Edmonton.

Alliston's Fancy Short Hair

Alliston’s fancy new ‘do!


Knitting and sort-of-crocheting since her pre-teens, Alliston was introduced to spinning by her wonderful Mother in Law, Noreen Crone-Findlay, an Edmonton-based weaving guru. Almost 5 years later, Alliston is active in updating her Facebook page, Nomad Fibreworks. She is also active with the Family’s new venture, Findlay Family Fibreworks which features the creative talents of the previously mentioned Noreen as well as Chloe Findlay-Harder a fabric-aholic, maker of delicious gluten-free food and awesome Sister in Law.

On this site Alliston hopes to showcase her handspun yarn, carded batts, rolags and roving as well as drop spindles (and honestly, some totally bad jokes), which will be for sale at Edmonton Markets and eventually on her Etsy page.


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